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What is a POS System?

Point of sale (POS) system is the spot where your customer makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your company. Point of sale systems are systems that enable the business transaction between the client and the company to be completed.

Today even your small business needs more than a cash register to ring up sales and accept payments.

Whether you’re in the market for your first POS system or ready to upgrade to a new one, it’s challenging to decide which one will be the right fit for your business. Do not worry we are there to assist you.

We develop and customize smart POS system that makes to run your business easier and efficiently integrates a point of sale system with your enterprise to ensure the future of business success. Our service includes local and online POS system, customized software creation, online/offline shop real time management and online billing system.

We will carefully analyze your requirements and develop dynamic solutions, which will assist you to manage your business more effectively by having accurate information and total control over all operational areas.

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POS System – Hardware components

Displays the product database and enables other functions, such as employee clock-in and viewing sales reports.

Automates the checkout process. Scanning barcodes pulls product info and adds it to the checkout total. Barcode scanners can also integrate with inventory management systems to automatically adjust stock levels.

A credit card reader or terminal is a device that you can use to accept credit and debit card payments by tapping, inserting, or swiping cards, or by manually entering card information. (EMV payment)

Receipt printers are an important part of a point of sale (POS) system since paper receipts remain essential for providing customers with a quick snapshot of their purchase or returns.

The cash drawer connects to the receipt printer with the interchangeable cable provided. It is used to securely place the cash and can be placed on a counter and can support a monitor, receipt printer, or other point-of-sale device

Why Is POS System Useful?

  1. Positive effect on our business.

We can able to control over our business operations, such as we know accurately which products/how many products sold out for this month or day, how many products are in the warehouse and how much money we have made.

  1. Better analytical thinking and planning.

POS system help us to make precise prediction and plan for future of company activities.  POS makes it easier to follow the inventory balance, notice and analyses the sales movements, sales report analyze and other data.

  1. Increase in the efficiency of business.

Company’s paperwork management got easier and time saving with the help of POS system. Moreover, it also help us in the areas of Managing bills and orders, making sales figures or reports.We must also appreciate different POS features that increases the efficiency of everyday sales environment such as   barcode scanners or credit card terminals.

  1. More efficient personal client communication.

POS system help us to gather the information (contact details, what they interested) of our loyal customers. We can make personal offers, gifts and developing personal client communication by using the information gathered from POS system.Thereby the POS system help us to make more accurate business decisions and also act as a profit booster.

Onoff Tech - Custom App Development

POS System – Software components

  • Buyers purchases one or more licenses and install software on computer
  • Buyer updates and maintain software
  • May required dedicated IT professional for larger organization
  • Requires costly upfront hardware purchase


  • Buyer accesses software on the internet on any device
  • Software updates are pushed to the POS
  • Only 1-2 individuals require to manage POSS
  • Typically has a lower upfront cost

The crucial factor when deciding what to look for is “ease of integration”. Make sure the important applications that you are using already in business can integrate with the POS system seamlessly. The client can free choose the payment gate way for the easy control of  the cost.


Flexible Pricing Plans

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development,
product design, QA and consultancy services.

Restaurant & Hairdresser


Monthly Paln
  • Checkout with (Post Finance, Credit Cards, Twint, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal)
  • Online Shop/Booking Integration
  • Discount & Coupon
  • E-Mail & Print receipts
  • Online & offline mode
  • Multi user account
  • Multi cart checkout with saved cart function
  • Access & Scan with mobile
Choose Plan

Supermarket & Fashion Store

CHF 69

Monthly Plan
  • Checkout with (Post Finance, Credit Cards, Twint, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal)
  • Online Shop/Booking Integration
  • Discount & Coupon
  • E-Mail & Print receipts
  • Online & offline mode
  • Multi user account
  • Multi cart checkout with saved cart function
  • Access & Scan with mobile
Choose Plan

Full package with Hardware setup


One time Plan
  • All software feature included (Monthly cost)
  • Touch model HD Display setup (Cashir side & Customer side)
  • Barcode scanner (2-3)
  • POS Intergrated Cash Drawer setup
  • POS intergrated weight machine
  • Data Entry (1000 Products)
Choose Plan